Vicky Guerrero on AEW Unrestricted

2021.10.19 18:04 gordom90 Vicky Guerrero on AEW Unrestricted

Loved her interview, she seems like such a kind person.
Has anyone listened to her podcast?
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2021.10.19 18:04 Rajajikiaayegibaraat Pragya Jaiswal

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2021.10.19 18:04 OscarStarCock 23 [M4F] Really tall buff guy willing to give time and affection (after work hours).

Hello there! The pandemic has been really tough and people just really need that extra pillar of support. Btw I'm not looking for someone to rant to hahaha, I just feel like I just have a bunch of affection built up and I just want someone to give it to at the end of the day (hopefully reciprocated as well lol). I'm currently stuck in the province, so we'll prolly stay as online friends for a while.
Abt me: - taller than Chris Hemsworth (prolly gonna be more muscular - loves to cook - Is a weeb - Working for a start up - plays genshin, ML, and pokemon unite - big 4 graduate - malambing - conventionally attractive lol - loves to read (classics, romances, fantasy, and politics) - is okay for long-term sfw - a bit clingy - mentally stable - is also skwammy -open to dating
Abt you: - malambing rin lol - also works out (for gym buddies, I also like thick girls lmao) - has a job/or also busy (I'm busy most of the day, my bebe time is scheduled at night) - g for voice calls or gaming (people say I have a nice voice :3)
Edit: changed the title post to smth more eye catching
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2021.10.19 18:04 Synonyms26 Childe giving a house tour of his and Zhongli's retirement home

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2021.10.19 18:04 PrincessMerida Week 39: Made Two Ways - Sushi (fail!)

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2021.10.19 18:04 chacham2 How to set Font Size?

I wanted to change the font size on the browser to make it more readable. So, i searched and found a post about default font sizes, and another about minimum sizes.
These are BrowserSettings as opposed to CefSettings. The difference that CefSettings is setup once for the session, via Cef.Initialize() and BrowserSettings is set per browser, in New ChromiumWebBrowser(Url).
The four settings are DefaultFontSize, DefaultFixedFontSize, MinimumFontSize, and MinimumLogicalFontSize, with MinimumFontSize seemingly the main one.
So, for example: Chromium = New ChromiumWebBrowser(Url) With {.BrowserSettings = New BrowserSettings With {.DefaultFontSize = Font_Size, .DefaultFixedFontSize = Font_Size, .MinimumFontSize = Font_Size, .MinimumLogicalFontSize = Font_Size}}
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2021.10.19 18:04 HJenkinsRSN Huge Names From Pro Wrestling Donate Big Money To Help Ace Austin & Gia Miller Smash Donation Goal

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2021.10.19 18:04 DilshatDK [Watchface] DIAMOND Lady

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2021.10.19 18:04 krtirtho Yeah yeah, of course, why not?!😑🙄

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2021.10.19 18:04 Haileyannn1234 Anyone have a Marty custom design with face and name?

Hello!! Last year I was able to find someone on here that made custom designs for every villager that had their face and their name. I used these to put in front of each of their homes. The design code was MA-1897-4590-1221. Now I finally got some of the Sanrio cards, I added Marty. Does anyone have something similar to this that I can add? Thanks!
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2021.10.19 18:04 StumpingTheSchwab Anybody know how I can make these two, into a diy booklet ?

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2021.10.19 18:04 floating_int LPT: Next time you break your phone screen don't immediately rush to service centre, I recently went to a local shop and he used a machine to coat a glass over display module and it's working great and it cost just $15

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2021.10.19 18:04 dr0id3r99 Save up to 55% off on Hasbro Games

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2021.10.19 18:04 DeezyEast People who literally “owned the place,” what advice do you have for walking around like you own the place?

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2021.10.19 18:04 Trader_noobXD Lf 2 luminous neon dodos

My offer is 2 neon dodos one fr and the other no pot (bad ages) and f pot and some eggs for both :)
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2021.10.19 18:04 TheLads66 Sheele's Past: Akame Ga Kill #5 REACTION!! "Kill the Dream"

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2021.10.19 18:04 Best_Hawk_5681 بی تی گی وقتی میبنه لایون گنگی ها باهاشون بدن (بی تی گی برا بچه هاست 😂😂😂

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2021.10.19 18:04 Ok_Oven_8127 PLEASE WATCH & SUBSCRIBE

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2021.10.19 18:04 mitchiewolf Sketch [Art by me, IG: blufuzzball]

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2021.10.19 18:04 krakrakra Anyone managed to use innernet with a VPS gateway?

Hi, I wanted to have a WireGuard-powered mesh network with all my machines. But still didn't want to open ports on my home router. So, I went with the somehow common 'rent a cheap VPS and use that a public gateway'.
I couldn't get a reliable and stable link with socat+ssh from the VPS to my innernet-servehome server that was within my firewalled home network, every some hours or so, I had to restart socat. So, instead, I did setup a manual WireGuard net (wg-quick) that only had the VPS and the home server, which works after some iptables tinkering. But this causes issues and seems to break any ICE candidates/TUN.
It probably isn't specific to innernet, but I am not sure, anyone has pointers for getting such setup to work?
Thank you
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2021.10.19 18:04 Blourbon Downtime

What do you guys do when there is downtime? I’m a sup in training/assistant sup for a residential/small commercial gc and my boss left the site 3 hours ago. I completed everything he asked me to do in about the first hour and since I’ve just been wandering around playing on my phone/picking up some loose trash around the site.
Do you guys experience downtime too? And if so what do you guys do during it?
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2021.10.19 18:04 RayGannon To all of the people who showed up 30 minutes before the Ochem midterm this morning with no notes, coffee, or backpack:

How are you? Really?
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2021.10.19 18:04 yukon4paws WIN a Seymour Duncan PowerStage™ 700! {ww} (10/20/2021)

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2021.10.19 18:04 Happy_Each_Day If people are more likely to take video of a crime in progress (safe) rather than intervene (dangerous), why don't cell phones have a button that lets people livestream video to the police in realtime?

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2021.10.19 18:04 Actual_Pass8764 IWFTR

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