Me sitting next to a mission president on my flight…

2021.10.19 17:06 jsnovergdryra75 Me sitting next to a mission president on my flight…

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2021.10.19 17:06 MrMoose-_- Classic Pick Up in a nice blue colour

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2021.10.19 17:06 TrumpPresident2021 Biden

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2021.10.19 17:06 VeganTwosome All Vegan Middle East restaurant Aleph is for sale?! | VEGAN | VEGANTWOSOME

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2021.10.19 17:06 subwaybooligan Coinbase Stock Jumps After Pilot Deal With Facebook Digital Wallet Novi

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2021.10.19 17:06 JelleJ_ Does anyone know what chair this is?

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2021.10.19 17:06 Ok-Database6846 Latest 2 Cents (that’s all I got)

My latest 2 cents:
I am going to DC but only if I can actually schedule at least one meeting. I have finally realized/remembered that We just don’t have much power or clout. that’s just the way it is. We are still helping get this done.
Demands; etc from us just don’t make much of a difference; especially right now.
I think we need to each encourage our own Congress members to Cosponsopass replenishment and try to get our own Congress members to push their colleagues to support effort. I am Going to try to make a real connection with one staff member from my House member and 2 Senators and then head to to DC
Then, Get my local press to cover the story. I am sure that my Senators or some of their staff read the newspapers in our state every day. Plus, try to get other restaurants in your state to contact Congress then go to DC together.
PS. Of course I just remembered that Reverie got Senator Collins on board. It is the only thing that has happened lately and my 2 cents is contrary to that. Similar enough though?
my understanding is that she managed to make a real connection with Collins’s staff. correct?
I do want to meet up for coffee or lunch if we end up in DC at the same time! Kevin
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2021.10.19 17:06 ReChamu New Vstar reveled

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2021.10.19 17:06 lavendergurl29 which universities should i even apply to

Hi guys this group is great and i have seen people give some great posting my issue here. I am in Grade 12 now and i have an average of 88-90% in 11 grade... i am interested in business and technolgy cources and those are what i am good at...which i chose intially in my grade 10... but due to the pandemic where i have to do business coop credits online which made very less sense i changed my cources to physics and chemistry....i also wanted to have the oppurtunity to study engineering specifically computer eng open which was also one of the reasons i took physics and chemistry. But unfortunetely i am struggling with physics,chem and maths...and in 12 grade i am thinking my grade may go down to 70-75% though i am working very hard not to...but it will based on my intial tests and how much am struggling. i am just kicking myself thinking why i even wanted to switch my cources.if i wud have continued in the business stream i would be having an 95% avg for sure....but nothing can be done..... so here are my questions..... i plan to apply to atleast 10 universities mostly into the business,CS and computer engr..... which universities would i even apply to and stand a chance.i guess the tier 1 like waterloo,mc master etc theres no chance. in tier 2 which are good. would i be even considered in pre admission....should i even consider applying..... i really feel bad for my parents,they being immigrants and worked so hard and be able to provide for my education,they are like get into a good university/cource and dont worry abt fees etc....i feel so bad..unfortunely they couldnt help or guide with my qns as they didnt study in canada.Also very few frds and no extended family here so i am relying on internet and forums mostly to get help😩.
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2021.10.19 17:06 LAMgirls Who can talk about cartoons if you are over 40 years old?

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2021.10.19 17:06 calamity_xo *only 62 away from the big 1k!* [ASMR] Water Sounds 💦 Spraying, Pouring, Swishing, Bottles & More

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2021.10.19 17:06 NoBelt603 The big scary lizard man

I have to preface this story by saying I was heavily in-experienced in dnd and I harbour no resentment to the player in this story. I made mistakes just as much as he did
In early 2020 ( right at the start of the pandemic) a good friend of mine who had been in a 5E homebrew campaign for the last couple months. He would tell me stories about the campaign which drove me nuts because I really wanted to join, unfortunately I lived in the other side of the Provence so it was impossible for me. One night my friend was telling me that since everyone was in lockdown his party was playing over roll 20. I had never played a real campaign before and my friend knew I was eager to try. So he talked to the DM ( we’ll call him D) and D said that I was welcome to join so long as we where playing online.
So I rolled up a goblin mastermind rogue that I had wanted to play for a long time. That was when my friend warned me about one of the other players. Apparently this guy could be difficult to get along with but I figured I’m a sociable guy and it’s rare I don’t get along with someone so I figured it would be fine
Fast forward to my first session when I was introduced to the party. I was playing my rogue Rubble, my friend was a warforged Druid named Steel, there was a dwarf cleric Bradien, a Human necromancer Maar and a halfling bard named Freebo. And then there was Styrn the lizard man fighter. In my first encounter I did really well managing my stealth and making sure I got sneak attack on the opponents and introducing rubble to the rest of them. Thankfully steel was very welcoming making my integration into the party easy, except for Styrn
From the first fight Styrn didn’t like rubble ( I guess because he was the only other martial class) but aside from acouple comments here and there and some antagonizing from him calling my character “small” and “weak” even though I was doing comparable if not better damage than him the first session went well. We defeated some waterlogged zombies in an underwater city and we where sent on our way to a new island.
After the first session I was talking about Styrn to my friend and how he was being alittle on the aggressive side. That was when I got the inside scoop on just what kind of player this guys was. Styrn was a chaotic evil character and the only evil character in the party, apparently in the first session he went out of his way to eat a child that was hiding from him even though it did nothing to further the game. Then he played the victim like the rest of the party was bullying him for having their characters condemn the act. Again I chalked this up to first time nerves
Fast forward acouple sessions we made some deals talked to some people and where sent to climb a mountain so we can speak to the monks ontop of it. As we where climbing the mountain we where ambushed by the blue flying weasels that pushed boulders onto our party. Luckily I had high dex with a double proficiency in acrobatics so dodging the the boulders was no problem. However Maar, Styrn and bradien where pinned and injured. While freebo and rubble kept the weasels busy steel moved the rocks off the other party members. After he freed everyone Steel jumped into the fight with Maar and Bradien right behind him. However Styrn decided to hang back and hide for the entire duration of the fight. I’m not going to lie it was a hard fight and there was acouple of times we where dangerously close to a TPK. But somehow we pulled through. After the fight all of the characters cornered Styrn and demanded to know why he didn’t feel like helping and all Styrn said was “ I never fight unless I’m sure I’ll win” this was frustrating because this was my first campaign and I nearly lost my first character to a random encounter because Styrn decided not to help. So I snapped back at him alittle and tried to have my goblin punch his lizard man. To little effect. We wrapped up the session once we reached the top of the mountain and agreed to pick up next week.
The following week we started out by reaching the monestary where the monks lived and found it under attack by a dragon made of stone that bore a striking resemblance to steel. For this session Styrns player was 20 minutes later but we forgave him and got into the fight. It’s here I should mention something about my character rubble. He is the opposite of the rogue stereotype, he cares about others more than himself and values things like gold and jewels. So while we where fighting this dragon the head monk was thrown into a lake and knocked unconscious. Fearing for him rubble knew he wasn’t the strongest swimmer and asked Styrn to go save the head monk. Styrn flat out ignored the request and went back on the attack. So I had no other choice than to try to save him myself. I managed to get over to the monk and pull him above water ( I had a -2 to stregnth so this was miraculous) but as soon as we resurfaced we where attacked by the dragon. Luckily it was heavily damaged and we somehow made it out alright. Again not without some “ I’m too cool for this “ quips form Styrn which was starting to get frustrating
The session wrapped up after Steel had his moment with the body of the dragon and we where about to make our way back down the mountain. This was when it came to a head with Styrn
The next session we made it to a large city and had to enroll in the city’s fighting arena. This made Rubble very uncomfortable again because he didn’t like killing intelligent creatures but I relented and we joined the arena to win the city’s leaders trust. Styrns player for this session not only was over an hour late but during the entire role play segment was actively ignoring any interaction with his character and was obviously just watching tv in the background not even really paying attention until combat started. At this point I had made it clear how little my character liked senseless violence but that didn’t stop Styrn. He was there for blood and nothing would stop him
He would emphasize how he would bite the opponents throats our and how he would rip their heads in half claiming he was the strongest. This is where I will admit I was in the wrong, in a moment of frustration and anger at his player I had rubble attack styrn. Rubble climbed up Styrns chest and jammed his knife in Styrns mouth. We had about two turns of pvp where rubble was inarguably winning but that didn’t matter. Eventually D stopped the game and broke up the pvp calling it an early night.
I felt bad for how I reacted so I messaged Styrns player and D apologizing for how I acted during the game. D told me that I have a right to play my character the way I want but so does Styrn. However he did mention how Styrn had been a difficult player since the first game. However Styrn was much less accommodating with my apology. He accused me of bullying him and trying to get him kicked out of the game by playing a goody two shoes. He claimed he had done nothing wrong and that I had to apologize to him in game and admit how much weaker and more pathetic my character was compared to Styrn. I told him I wasn’t going to do that and we just sort of agreed to disagree but things only got worse from here.
We only had three more games and Styrn was difficult in a different way. Whenever I got a chance to actually roleplay Styrn would inject himself into the scene just to derail it and take any character away from rubble. This happened six times before we got to the bbeg.
During the fight I got separated from the rest of the party. Steel kept trying to come to my aid but Styrn kept insisting the party “ forget about the weakling “ and eventually rubble died. He took his full health worth of necrotic damage and I lost my first character.
After that the party and campaign fell apart. I tried running a one shot but it bombed and D tried running two other one shots both of which got derailed by Styrn again. One where he was actively working against the party to the point where the dm asked “ do you know this is a team based game?”
That was the last time I heard from Styrn. I still play with my friend and D and two others that we’ve picked up. We’re currently running Rhyme of the frost maiden and I couldn’t be having more fun with it. But that’s my horror story of the big scary lizard man. It might not be as dramatic as other stories but it was my first introduction to real dnd
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2021.10.19 17:06 HeroPlucky Back 4 Blood Discord / Guild

Hey Cleaners / Folks
Me and my friends are really enjoying back 4 blood though getting us all online at the same time can be bit of an issue seems we have too many or too few. Now I am guessing others are having same issues. So looking for other players that are in the same boat but play the game in similar way to me and my friends do. We enjoy theory crafting and co op gaming but we aren't try harding to point it becomes no fun. We will try not too set off hazards but if some one does we may throw some jokes / banter their way but the is not hard feelings or flaming/ accusations, same goes for friendly fire (propane tanks being shot) and so on. Prefer to play with other adults so no under 18's please. Also we are pretty diverse group so if your racist, have issues with peoples gender, orientation, identity or disabilities then we won't be the group for you.
So idea is to build a friendly discord / guild community to play back 4 blood and try ensure that we get as many four people squads going and share ideas about the game. Hopefully get to meet some new awesome people. This totally hasn't come about because carry bot's in veterans is painful (ok maybe little). I have started a new discord
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2021.10.19 17:06 CommanderV2017 Free YouTube Shoutouts & Channel Reviews! / PAANGAT PROGRAM

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2021.10.19 17:06 InnSicK [EU] LFT LVL 9 FACEIT MAIN AWPER

Hi, I'm currently lft - 19 years old; - LVL 9 FACEIT; - Previous teams: (Most Recent One: Alcatrazz Blue) / Readu Esports / Exec.sharks / Among others; - Available every day of the week at any time; - Ambitions: Self Evolving / Team Evolving | Getting more experience by watching demos, playing praccs, tournaments etc and winning ofc. - Contact me at: Disc: InnSicK#6162
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2021.10.19 17:06 One-Icee I know they say anything's a dildo if you're brave enough, but...

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2021.10.19 17:06 Roguemaster43 A woman is walking in a park when she sees two men working.

One man digs a hole, the other fills it back in. The two men go to another spot, the first man digs another hole, and the second man fills it back in. They then go to another spot. Again, the first man digs a hole and the second man fills it back in. They keep doing this for a while until finally the woman walks up to them and asks, "Why do you guys keep digging holes and then filling them back in?"
One of the men responds, "Well, there's usually a third guy who puts in the tree, but he's sick today.
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2021.10.19 17:06 JimmyJazx New to ANKI and need som help sorting cards.

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2021.10.19 17:06 genadyarkhipau Autumn, oil on canvas

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2021.10.19 17:06 Due_Independent4457 What should i make for lunch

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2021.10.19 17:06 Tistarana The Fangyan, a Chinese dialectal dictionary from the first century BC, lists a few words said to be used in northern Korea. Most of these don't look anything like Koreanic. Is the affiliation of these words known?

Some words said to be used in 北燕 and 朝鮮 (the northern territories of Yan and the former kingdom of Gojoseon, in what is now North Korea and the Liaodong Peninsula), according to Fangyan, written around 1 AD:

Fangyan word Gloss Old Chinese reconstruction Middle Korean word
"to walk" (行) /*deʔ/ /kət-/ "to walk", /tʌt-/ "to run"
蝳蜍 "spider" (侏儒) /*duːɡ la/ /kəmɨj/
盱, 揚 "single; one (of a pair)" (隻) /*qʰʷa/, /*laŋ/ /hʌn/ "one", /ptsak/ "pair"
涅, 譁 "to change" (化) /*niːɡ/, /*ɡʷraː/ /pasko-/
These look irreconciliably different. So what are these words supposed to be? Are they the Old Chinese dialects spoken by the Chinese colonists who had settled in the region, instead of the indigenous languages?
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2021.10.19 17:06 Brainpry I’ve been signing my whole life, ASL is my first language. However, I don’t understand the term “classifiers”. Can some one ELI5.

I’ve tried looking it up, and know it has something to do with the alphabet and using the letter sign, for another sign.
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2021.10.19 17:06 BlazingBlueFusion Should I give Axew these rare candies? Getting his candy is really hard, but I would like to be able to power up and evolve him.

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