SHIB - #2 Trending on Twitter

2021.10.19 16:31 utradea SHIB - #2 Trending on Twitter

SHIB - #2 Trending on Twitter Hey Everyone,
Wanted to provide you a quick update with top trending on Social Media (mostly Twitter) - SHIB is #2 The dashboard is a work in progress but so far it has been useful to track trending crypto and gauge sentiment on social media.
Tracking Mechanics
  • The algorithm pulls data from the twitter API.
  • It then plots mentions with price over a give timeframe (Right now you can look at 72hrs, 1 week, 2 weeks, and 1 month)
  • We also display sentiment, number of posts, likes, retweets. Sentiment is determined using Spacy and a text classification dictionary
Dashboard Screenshot - $SHIB is #2
The screenshot is pulled from the Social Sentiment Dashboard and shows the top trending tickers this week.
If you're interested, You can check out the Social Sentiment Dashboard here . I expect to continue to see a a lot of social volume this week so stay tuned.
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2021.10.19 16:31 brakiri MCRN Donnager over Mars by Cannikin1701 on DeviantArt

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2021.10.19 16:31 Environmental-Fee609 If you are bi and want to help me cum dm me

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2021.10.19 16:31 phantsam Hello can I play any game (specifically BOTW) on cemu if I change to windows 11?

I wanna change to windows 11 but don't know if I can play BOTW on it.
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2021.10.19 16:31 dawnlynz93 We are worthy always

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2021.10.19 16:31 natemarshall Monopoly Disclosure

Monopoly disclosure Monopoly disclosure of crystalline osmium
Osmium is a precious metal and is traded internationally. It occurs in platinum mines associated with platinum. Osmium is often offered there as a so-called compound, for example as osmium tetroxide. Osmium is metallurgically separated from other metals and is only pure enough to be used after several processing steps. The pure form of the osmium is not poured into ingots, as is usual with other precious metals, but bottled. At this stage it is referred to as so-called osmium sponge. Osmium sponge is the raw form of osmium, which is also used for crystallization. The crystallization process is the process of rearranging atoms in the atomic structure to produce a new crystal structure. With the change of the crystal structure the chemical and physical properties also change.
This monopoly disclosure relates solely to crystalline osmium.
Crystalline osmium is marketed exclusively by the German “Osmium Institut zur Inverkehrbringung und Zertifizierung von Osmium GmbH”. Osmium in its crystalline form is only available for the German Osmium-Institute mentioned above from a single source in Switzerland.
The German “Osmium-Institut für Inverkehrbringen und Zertifizierung von Osmium GmbH” has concluded an exclusive agreement with the supplier in Switzerland without any time limitations. The purpose of the agreement is a regulated introduction into the market via the German Osmium-Institute, which was exclusively commissioned by the Swiss company with the introduction into the market. The employees of the institute have the obligation to act according to strict scientific principles and to provide each piece of osmium with a certificate of authenticity.
In addition, the Osmium-Institute Germany maintains a database in which high-resolution photographs of the osmium pieces in circulation can be searched internationally. The purpose of the database is to compare the crystal structure of a real piece of osmium with its photographs from certification. Every owner of osmium has the right to retrieve data about his or her osmium from this database at any time if he or she can prove ownership of the osmium. Proof is provided by submitting or entering the Osmium Identification Code, which is supplied with each piece of Osmium. The Osmium Identification Code is an eight-digit letter and number code.
The German Osmium-Institute’s sole marketing of osmium results in a monopoly linked to the monopoly for crystallization, i.e. the process of modifying the crystal structure of osmium.
Pricing, which takes place in Switzerland, is also linked to the monopoly. Osmium is currently not traded through a trading system. The price is not represented by a stock exchange. However, the supply of raw osmium and the demand for crystalline osmium have a significant influence on the price. The price shall be established and published each day taking into account the following essential aspects:
Supply of raw osmium, supply of crystalline osmium offcuts for re-distillation, option contracts for raw osmium, current stock level of raw osmium, number of crystallization ovens, electricity price, personnel costs, laboratory safety costs, build-up of reserves, certification and packaging costs, cutting prices for crystalline osmium, demand for crystalline osmium, current sales of crystalline osmium and several minor weighted factors. The most important aspect of daily pricing is the output rate. The output rate is the amount of osmium that can be used after growing the crystals and does not have to be returned to the process. The resulting waste of unusable crystals must be re-distilled several times and recrystallized with great technical and financial effort.
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2021.10.19 16:31 Brilliant_Link6791 One Piece Live Action

I know no one here wants a live action one piece adaptation but IF the live action is done very well then it can bring a lot of popularity to one piece just like squid game which is spreading like wildfire.
Honestly I will keep my expectations low for it but if it is done properly then one piece would hopefully become huge but that is an expectation.
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2021.10.19 16:31 johnrock001 Rurouni Kenshin Filler - Complete Episode and Filler List

Rurouni Kenshin Filler - Complete Episode and Filler List -
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2021.10.19 16:31 Dahlia0003 Took an exam in a different school

So in my senior year (currently in a gap year), I took CIE O-levels at a different school (my school doesn't offer those) and the result has the header of that school. Do I send that result to my counselor to add to the counselor report? I've already filled in my common app.
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2021.10.19 16:31 ALB_PFB How Do You Explain the Various Stories of a 'Great Flood' Before the Book of Genesis?

I've been looking at the story of Noah and the Great Flood, but keep on reading many articles and sources that it's just originated and derived from stories that existed thousands of years ago such as the epic of Gilgamesh. How would you explain and defend against this?
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2021.10.19 16:31 nerdcastic Smackdown is officially over goofs

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2021.10.19 16:31 greenbriel Yes, ANOTHER Wat Pro 180 NKD!

First new knife in a good while. Great experience purchasing from Shinichi, arrived in five days. As others (most recently u/justaute ) have noted, F&F isn't stellar, but dear god the thing is sharp. Feels great in the hand, nice heft but still nimble. I get the rave reviews!
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2021.10.19 16:31 sachatouillezie Qui rp

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2021.10.19 16:31 BrochachoTB40 Grayscale on a Silly Stroll, Me, Paint.NET, 2021

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2021.10.19 16:31 realjasong What are your outlooks on the cruising industry right now? Every day, I lost a little bit of faith in them.

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2021.10.19 16:31 rey126 Black cat has a new white spot?

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2021.10.19 16:31 Inadorable B189 - The Budget - Reading

The October 2021 Budget
the Rates and Taxation (Northern Ireland) (No. 2) Act 2021
**Presented in the name of the Executive authored by the Rt Hon. Dame Inadorable DBE PC MLA.
Debate on the Budget will end on the 23rd of October at 10pm Dublin time.**
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2021.10.19 16:31 johnrock001 Yu Yu Hakusho Filler - Filler Guide for Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho Filler - Filler Guide for Yu Yu Hakusho -
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2021.10.19 16:31 alohakoala Got rear-ended while stopped at a backed up traffic light the other day. RIP to my car.

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2021.10.19 16:31 Macaroni658 22[M4F] Relationship, Anywhere, Long or short distance, East Coast USA, looking for a fellow gamer but if you're not thats ok too :)

~Hi I'm Cameron, im 5'11, brown hair, blue eyes, bit on the bigger side, I have pics of me on my reddit just scroll down :)
~my hobbies include watching tv/movies, and playing video games(Xbox Series X and Switch) im more of a indoor person.
~Looking for something genuine :) and long term [21 to 28]
~I currently don't do anything at the moment so I have alot of free time until the end of the month, after that I'll be doing online college 😮
~im very sweet, loving, caring, supportive, and loyal to a fault, I also have a disability which won't affect the relationship negatively
~feel free to message me on here, and after a while we can either move the conversation to Discord, Snap, or Insta :)
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2021.10.19 16:31 radi0w4ve This is so awesome! I'll even bring my AEK with me 😁

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2021.10.19 16:31 Abandons65 Fortnight 🤤

🚨Attention🚨ALL FORTNITE GAMERS 🎮🎮🎮, John Wick is in great danger🆘, and he needs YOUR help to wipe out 💀 all the squads in THe tilted towers 🏢🏢🏢. To do this, he needs a gold SCAR 🔫 and a couple of chug-jugs🍺🍺. To help him, all he needs is your credit card number 💳 , and the three numbers on the back 3️⃣ and the expiration month and date 📅. But you gotta be quick ⚡so that John can secure the bag 💰, and achieve the epic victory R O Y AL
I've come to make an announcement: Shadow the Hedgehog's a bitch-ass motherfucker, he pissed on my fucking wife. That's right, he took his hedgehog fucking quill-y dick out and he pissed on my fucking wife and he said his dick was "t h i s b i g," and I said "that's disgusting." So I'm making a call out post on my Twitter dot com: Shadow the Hedgehog, you got a small dick, it's the size of this walnut except way smaller, and guess what? Here's what my dong looks like! [explosion noises] That's right, baby! Tall points, no quills, no pillows, just look at that it looks like two balls and a bong! He fucked my wife, so guess what, I'm gonna fuck the earth! That's right, this is what you get, my SUPER LASER PISS! Except I'm not gonna piss on the earth, I'm gonna go higher. I'M PISSING ON THE MOON! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT, OBAMA? I PISSED ON THE MOON, YOU IDIOT! You have twenty three hours before the piss d r o p l e t s hit the fucking earth, so get out of my fucking sight before I piss on you too.
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2021.10.19 16:31 StadiaFan19 I’m currently switching Linux due Windows 11 dropping support for my pc

I don’t which the is best distro so give some suggestions so I can test them out
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2021.10.19 16:31 MistWeaver80 Lakes throughout the world are getting warmer and freezing for fewer days per year because of global climate change caused by human activity

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2021.10.19 16:31 undue-influence Trick or Treat!

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