Upgrade for my gf’s E36

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2021.12.08 17:10 JaiLaFlemmeDeFou Upgrade for my gf’s E36

Im trying to give my gf a nice Christmas gift and upgrade the audio system in her car. I think I’d like to go the full custom route and do it myself, so the Bavsound upgrades and such don’t interest me. I’d love to go for amp(+dsp?), sub and speakers at around 500€ for everything. The car currently has a modded stock head unit and I don’t want to change it (going for that OEM+ style) Anyone has a recommandation ? Thanks !
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2021.12.08 17:10 wagwanforbattyman666 My Keybase proof [reddit:wagwanforbattyman666 = keybase:ilovegore] (qD6pe4Ecjyoq-I2YiCHhYz9nh4UFXIZ5-Y0ddPDyuoY)

Keybase proof I am:

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2021.12.08 17:10 zipeater [Asuperu Kanojo]

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2021.12.08 17:10 Crap_Bagg I fail to see how any of the things you mentioned led you to the conclusion that “rEtAiL iS wInNiNg”

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2021.12.08 17:10 xoazat how would i choose a main?

I have been playing since s4, I have hit diamond pretty consistently & i hit masters once in s7 (which isn't that impressive bc it was a year ago) but I am having troubles finding a main and one tricking them. I have 8k kills on wraith, almost 5k on loba, 2k on horizon & valk. I like to play aggressive but I can also play safe. I would say those 4 legends are my mains but I retired wraith because my boyfriend started maining her. I just want to know which one or 2 are better and fit the meta apex is in(:
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2021.12.08 17:10 jmintellectual Gizmo in his new harness and his seat belt ❤️❤️

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2021.12.08 17:10 illegalflowertrader One of my favourite planes, the Antonov AN-12, workshop link in comments (no mods needed)

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2021.12.08 17:10 kidkapow4242 What is the evolutionary advantage provided by a cat's ability to trigger airplane mode when walking across a laptop keyboard?

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2021.12.08 17:10 captainofthememeteam Syntorial questions

So I got Syntorial and I am about a third of of way through it and have the following questions

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2021.12.08 17:10 woogaly Packmaster Class 1.0

Starting to think about getting into 5e again and some of my players had some ideas in mind i worked with them a while ago on. This is one of them.
I want to know if what i have here is reasonable.
I want it to be semi close to other core classes.
Feel free to let me know any suggestions you have for tweaks etc.
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2021.12.08 17:10 Spinopsyx Stermon Attack! 🐍👾⚠️-- Oh no, looks like Cai is in danger! Supplemental bday gift for my pal Coatl[@/featheredsnek], looks like Gaua is trying to help Cy and he mistakenly thought it's a monster out to get him!

Stermon Attack! 🐍👾⚠️-- Oh no, looks like Cai is in danger! Supplemental bday gift for my pal Coatl[@/featheredsnek], looks like Gaua is trying to help Cy and he mistakenly thought it's a monster out to get him! submitted by Spinopsyx to anthro [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 17:10 MyDickIsHardAF "Open File - Security Warning" on startup, what is causing this?

"Open File - Security Warning" on startup
On startup several of our freshly imaged machines have started getting this message prompting the user to enter admin credentials. It's a UAC prompt signed by Microsoft and simply states "Open File - Security Warning".
The only other information it gives is a CLSID which when I look this up in the registry the same across all devices wether they have the issue or not. And details about the publisher's certificate, Microsoft. It says this is a Windows hardware driver verification.
Any ideas what could be causing this? We would love to send these machines out but none of us can find any useful information through our research.
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2021.12.08 17:10 GrazzetMTG Spirit Squadron | Precon Upgrade Guide | EDH | Budget Build | $65

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2021.12.08 17:10 Magical__Entity “It’s a global pandemic out there, so we DESERVE a free room upgrade. Yes, another one please.”

Gonna crosspost this to entitledpeople so sorry if I overexplain stuff. Also, obligatory “English isn’t my first language” and “on mobile” are obligatory.
Buckle up boys, girls, neither or both, cause this is gonna be a long one. This story happened last year, during our very first corona summer. I was working front desk at a hotel pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Our hotel specialized in conference guests and since all conferences were canceled due to the virus, we were desperate to get some paying guests into our rooms.
So we made a deal with an online travel agency. Basically, Guests would pay half our normal prices per room and night and we would throw in literally everything we had for free. Breakfast, dinner, spa, gym, even your first drink at the bar on arrival, all on the house. Yes, this will be relevant later.
Enter our two entitled couples. Both had double rooms for the weekend. Now another relevant detail: we have two categories of rooms: standard and comfort. The deal was for a standard room, but our standard rooms are located in a separate building. So whenever we have comfort rooms available, we upgrade as much guests as possible. They get nicer rooms closer to the hotel facilities and we keep our ways for housekeeping and room service short.
So our two entitled couples check in and I inform them they received a free upgrade. They don’t react much, just take their keys and go to their rooms. A couple minutes later they meet at the bar and have their first gin tonic. Then a second one. And a third one. Did I mention this was around noon?
Anyway, while the two guys were at the bar, the two ladies came over to me at front desk, already a little tipsy, and the following conversation happened:
EW will be entitled women (I have no idea which one of them said what so might as well threat them as one), ME will be Magical Entity. Or maybe just me.
EW: “Excuse me, we were wondering…”
ME: “Yes? How may I help?” (Expecting them asking for some directions or whatnot)
EW: “Well since we came here even though it’s a global pandemic out there, we’re obviously VERY loyal customers, so…” (They pause expectantly)
ME: “Yes, thank you very much.”
EW: “I mean… since we are such loyal customers, don’t we deserve a reward? Like a free room upgrade maybe?”
ME: “I’m sorry but you’ve already received a free room upgrade.”
EW: “We know. Another one, please.”
ME: “I’m afraid I cannot upgrade you a second time.” (Mostly since there were no rooms better than the ones they had, tbh)
EW: “Then a free bottle of champagne. Or a voucher. Like, around 20€ for each of us.”
ME: “I’m sorry I cannot do that either. You already have almost everything we offer included in your booking anyways, so, unfortunately, there isn’t much I can give you beyond that.”
They huff and puff and leave the front desk without another word. Three days later, we get the following review:
Review (1 Star): We really, really wanted to have a free upgrade or a voucher for our next stay. We asked politely, but they refused! During the global crisis, guests like us, who didn’t cancel, should really be rewarded with a bonus of some kind. We had to pay FULL PRICE!!!
Lady, you didn’t book a year in advance and then not cancel out of pure kindness of your heart. You booked the cheapest way possible, during the pandemic. You payed half our normal rate. You had everything included. You got your upgrade. But no, that’s just not enough for some people.
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2021.12.08 17:10 dannydevitosmgnmdong Pasta with Tofurky and cheese

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2021.12.08 17:10 --TheForce-- What event or situation that happened to you as a young person made you realize adults don't know everything?

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2021.12.08 17:10 Emotional_Raccoon_98 One question that comes to our mind: Is Pfizer trying to run out of stocks?

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2021.12.08 17:10 SeaOfBullshit Opinion on new vs renewed?

Hello friends. I have been eyeing the shark UV850 for a while now. I know that shark vacuums don't have a very positive reputation in this subreddit. I wanted to go with the shark because that's what we use at one of my jobs and I'm really fond of the light weight and maneuverability. Additionally, I know that bagged vacuums have a much better reputation around these parts, but every time I've ever bought a vacuum with a bag on it, within 2 years I cannot find bags that fit the specific model number of the vacuum and I end up having to get a new vacuum anyway. So that's really steered me away from bagged models. Seems like planned obsolescence.
I like the UV850 because it comes with four different attachments. I also like the self cleaning brush roll feature. I like the HEPA filter. I really like all of the different ways that you can use the vacuum, the lift up part, the wand, the handle attachment, as well as being able to use the wand with the floor roller to get things that are hard to reach like under the couch. There's a lot of utility there. My apartment is very small And everything is Tetrised together. It's all hardwood floors except for a few rugs that we have. I have a cat and he tracks a lot of litter and hair everywhere. I'm kind of a germaphobe so being able to stay on top of the litter tracking is really important to me.
When we first moved here I just got a very small Shop-Vac. And that does the trick technically, but I have to hunch down onto the floor to use it and it's just getting really old honestly. The maneuverability and features of the vacuum that we use at my job really sold me on the shark. The model we use at my job is actually the UV 700 but I can't find it for sale anywhere around here. I noticed the UV 850 is pretty much the same thing but with an extra attachment, and it's a little bit heavier.
I can get a UV850 brand new from Costco for $270. Or I can get one "renewed" on Amazon for $189. Money is tight right now and that extra $100 would make a big difference in my life. Should I buy it new or renewed? Any other feedback that you have is welcomed as well. Thanks for your time.
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2021.12.08 17:10 Wanderhoof Dad Bentou - 父の弁当: 2021.12.08 - "Wednesday Determined Diet Bentou" (roast chicken w/ yuzu & kurogoma; sauteed shiitake & baby bok choy in miso sauce; rice w/ umeboshi; under 300kcal, and in my cutest Totoro stacking bentou, too)

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2021.12.08 17:10 SmellsLikeHerb I am Jack Swagger. This is totally, legitimately, real. Like, for reals, real.

The Mexican Federales are trying to shake me down. I have cocaine shoved up my butt and they’re trying to shake it loose. I am not a drug mule. I’m tiny’s donkey. Send help!!!
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2021.12.08 17:10 Unluckybaby1 Am I wrong For leaving my family and not wanting to ever see them again

So about a year and a half ago my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and I had made the decision to leave my college dorm to go take care of her and my younger 2 brothers(in grade school still) and sister(18yr). About 7 months after being diagnosed she died. And my aunt( moms step sister) offered to buy me (21yr)and my brothers and sister a house so we can stay together. And my aunt and grandparents had talked about doing this and they all agreed to do it. The day after my mom died my aunt took me and my sister to the bank to empty my mom’s account. Since She was unable to do it bc she wasn’t my moms legal sister. They also set up a go fund me account asking people to send money to me, my sister and 3 brothers to keep us together. They raised 10 thousand dollars within a month. From family friends and random people( coworkers, friends of friends, and people we jus didn’t know at all). They also started a registry for people to buy furniture and house hold needs. All of which my aunt picked. Everything from the registry was bought. Me and my siblings had no knowledge of all this until after they chose a house they liked and bought it. It was a 4bed 3bath house in the suburbs with a pool, my aunt and her son were moving in with me my sister and 3 brothers. My aunt got the master and her son and my youngest brother got the second biggest room, my other got the room across from them with was a bit smaller and me and my sister got the small room down stairs next to the garage. My aunt decorated and painted the house the colors she wanted. She told my sister and I that we were to pay 600$ each for rent as well as pay for our own bills(phone car payment insurance health care and all) which I didn’t have a problem with but me and my sister felt 600 each was too much for the smallest room that we had to share. The only thing that would fit in our room was a dresser and bunk bed. So they brought it down to 400. And we were ok with that. But then my aunt started to give us bedtimes, she had control of Wi-Fi and would turn it off wen she wanted and had cameras and sensors on all the doors and windows. We were constantly being checked on. They would also invite the people who donated the most money and let them walk in our rooms and take pictures with us.( mind you we never met these people before and didn’t know them) we felt like we were at a charity event. We cleaned and took turns cooking but we also worked full time jobs. And my aunt would get mad every time we sleep during the day she would come in our room and rip the blanket off us. She listened to all of our conversations thru the camera and would pretend to walk the dog then peek thru our window and watch me and my sister. She was always trying to diagnose us with mental illnesses and trying to get us get meds. She would make rude comments on the our hair and skin and constantly said that we are ghetto. She talked bad about our friends and other family. They wouldn’t let us see them. And whenever we said something to her about the way we were being treated she would threaten to fight us and kick us out and she even called the cops on me and that was the day I decided to leave and my grandma had called me and my sister and told us that we had a til the end of the day to get our stuff and had accused my sister and I of bullying my aunt. I have not gon back since and I’ve not talk to any of my family besides my brothers and sister. I am much happier now
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2021.12.08 17:10 operationbuzz [Hiring] Lead Generation Specialist For Real Estate Agents

Hello to all!
I am not the one to waste any time so I will make this quick.
I run a digital marketing agency catered to real estate agents
( www.etiquettemedia.net ) I am looking to onboard roughly 3-5 new clients across the next 10 weeks.
I am in search of a highly talented ad specialist. If you know anything about real estate, you will know that generating leads is what keeps agents in business. You will be dealing mostly with lead generations ads, as well as ads for their personal brand as a whole. If you know anything about drip campaigns, that is a big plus, but definitely not required.
Additionally, I am looking for someone based within the eastern time zone preferably. I would be able to make some exceptions based on talent.
This would be a great opportunity for someone who is looking for independent contract work, BUT who would also love to be a part of a growing team whose innovation is unmatched to the rest.
If you are interested in discussing more on this, feel free to PM me
Find a time in your schedule where we can both meet
Looking forward to speaking with you!
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2021.12.08 17:10 reaverlation Milei se le planta a los que quieren enfrentarlo a Espert

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2021.12.08 17:10 11b328i Voice Chat No audio

Anyone on PC experiencing Voice Chat issues?
I cannot heard the people on my team, but they can hear me just fine, and i can see that they are talking, but no audio out (game audio works fine)
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2021.12.08 17:10 MultiFlutist AniMoog Z windcontroller programs part 2

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