Need some fan direction help

2021.12.08 15:41 FIDGETSPINNER34 Need some fan direction help

I have 2 intake fans at the front in AIO, 1 intake at the bottom, 1 exhaust at the back & two at the top & idk if i should put the top fans both on exhaust or 1 exhaust & 1 intake
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2021.12.08 15:41 EDMLiveset Kevin Holdeen - Sunset Chords 169

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2021.12.08 15:41 dgatwoodfty CURE is soaring up the charts!! 🚀 Huge AMA with $300 of giveaways! 💰 New donation given 💖 Live interview with major YouTuber done ✅ Staking live 🔥Bad whales out! 🐳 It’s a sea of green right now 🍀Come Help us Heal the World!

CURE is soaring back up the charts right now after shedding its final bad whale 🐋 Since then a bunch of exciting things have happened:
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CURE aims to use the space to truly revolutionise global healthcare, and it’s our amazing community who will help get us there. 🙏🏽 To be clear, CURE Token is NOT a meme and if that’s what you want, we aren’t for you. ⛔️
CURE is a REAL project and the inverse of most charity tokens - one that began as a charity first. Our founder, Jacob, is the chairman of non-profit Beckley Foundation, which has already raised over $1Million for childhood cancer, and created CURE Token to help more sufferers, faster. ❤️Jacob doesn’t own a single token, and burns any he buys. There is one, sole focus to CURE - ending pediatric cancer first, then other chronic illnesses. 💉
The project is 100% community driven: Fair launched, locked and burned LP and team tokens. The project attracts long-term investors who believe in the infinite possibilities with bridging innovation of the cryptocurrency space with causes focused on supporting and ending childhood cancer - and that is just the start of this amazing journey 🗺
Visit our website to see what we have in store long-term. We are not kidding when we say we are dedicated to changing global healthcare forever and allowing all to live healthy, happy lives. We have the drive, the resources and the passion to make it a reality. 💫
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Tokenomics: 🌟 Each transaction has a 12% fee subtracted which powers our cause and is broken down as follows: ⭕️ Circulating Supply: 1B tokens. 🪞 3% Reflections 💝 3% Charity Wallet 🔊 3% Marketing - To maintain project growth. 💧 3% Liquidity - To reduce price volatility 🍌 Slippage: 10-12%
Come help us heal the world 💖 📝 Contract Address: 0x76aecb353abf596bd61ee6bdb07d70787dec4fd6
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✍️Medium articles:

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2021.12.08 15:41 danktim I created a social media website where you can talk about Crypto, and NFTs in one place. I worked really hard on this and would love to hear your feedback!!

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2021.12.08 15:41 TrumpPresident2021 Incontinent Joe

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2021.12.08 15:41 EDMLiveset dEVOLVE - The Launch 039

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2021.12.08 15:41 DidionArdella NEWS: CoinSmart sees 24% increase in the month of September 2021 $SMRT

CoinSmart has just announced record preliminary unaudited monthly revenue in October 2021 of approximately $1.8 million. This was a 24% increase compared to CoinSmart’s month of September 2021 and was primarily driven by increased trading volume.
CoinSmart’s has some really big October 2021 highlights, their cash flow was positive with no debt, a record monthly revenue of $1.8 million, record assets under management (AUM) of $74MM.
CoinSmart is a Canadian based crypto asset trading platform and are one of the few crypto asset trading platforms in Canada to be registered as a securities dealer with the Ontario Securities Commission.
Not financial advice
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2021.12.08 15:41 arealburrito Not sure what you guys were expecting since Warzone is still on the MW game launcher?

Nothing is going to change. Those of you disappointed didn’t realize that unless it was going to be on the Vanguard launcher, there were going to be 0 significant changes.
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2021.12.08 15:41 ShortAlgo $ALSN Almost ripe for a run Register for 7-Day Trial Access at

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2021.12.08 15:41 Careless-Highway6539 Savage

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2021.12.08 15:41 nlitherl Waking Dogs- A World Eaters Tale (40K Fiction)

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2021.12.08 15:41 _psycspotlight Toronto Moves to Decriminalize Psychedelics | Psychedelic Spotlight

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2021.12.08 15:41 amnesiac7 Newsmax Admits Employees Must Be Vaxxed to Attend New York Holiday Party

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2021.12.08 15:41 Jtninja06 Spotted at local car show

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2021.12.08 15:41 TheEye2021 Land Of The Free… my own horror coming home from their show

I’m on the train coming home after staying overnight after the concert and I hate that this is happening while I’m not at home.. I just found out there were 3 shooter threats at our schools. One happened yesterday and I didn’t check FB all night because I was so into the concert. Probably a good thing I wouldn’t have enjoyed the show at all or rushed home. Also, had I known I would not have had my daughter in school today. I feel like an asshole for not knowing. None of my friends even informed me. There were 2 more school shooter threats this morning at 2 separate schools. 3 different schools were targeted today on my town. I just want to get home. My dumb car recalls had me doing all this public trans and hotel which was painful and long in itself. What the f’k is going on? When do things get better w/gun violence at schools? Land of the f’king free.
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2021.12.08 15:41 Infinite_Tax_6567 could someone take a look at my jekkyl and hyde essay

its the 30 marker and the question is ‘Stevenson’s presentation of Dr. Jekyll allows the reader to feel sympathy for him.’
Starting with this extract, explore how far you agree with this opinion.
Write about:
• how Stevenson presents Dr. Jekyll in this extract
• how Stevenson presents Dr. Jekyll in the novel as a whole.

Through the novella 'Jekyll and Hyde' stevenson reflects on the looming anxieties surronding the victorian period based on advancements in science, the fall of religion and new discoveries sparking interest into the human psyche.
Through the character 'Jekyll' Stevenson warns the reader on the dangers of repression and urges the reader to go against victorian expectations as the consequences of following the unrealistic expectations of the victorian period could lead to misery and death, and how since jekyll has been a victim of this , he is presented as a sympathetic character.
In Chapter 2 we first meet jekyll as utterson goes to meet him to discuss the contents of his will , as utterson is extremely confused as to why jekyll has left everything to Hyde. Jekyll is described as a 'rosy man' immediately giving the reader a sense of trust as he is portrayed in a good light compared to his devious counterpart hyde. Stevenson presents jekyll like this to show and contrast the differences between him from the beginning and end of the novella to present his downfall (ultimately presenting him as a tragic character). The word 'rosy' gives connotations of happiness and kindess ,again portraying jekyll as seemingly being one of the 'hero's' in the novella. On the other hand , Stevenson could've presented jekyll like this this to show deceit and claim that jekyll was being decitful and hiding his true persona so he could carry on under the guise of a respectable victorian gentleman(respect and status was very important at the time) making the reader less sympathetic towards jekyll.
Uttersons pries about jekylls will and continues to do (disregarding the fact that jekyll is trying to change the subhect matter) and metions Hyde himself; Hydes face then goes 'pale', symbolising his duplicity as he is hiding the truth from jekyll. The word 'pale' connotes a sense of nervousness and shock, suggesting that utterson cares more about his reputation then the truth causing him to keep his truth secret, making him less sympathetic to the reader.
Jekyll then comforts hyde by suggesting to him that "at any moment I choose I can be rid of hyde". The quote demonstrates jekyll as a more likable character as he showing that he cares about utterson as he actively tries to reassure him that nothing is wrong making it worse when his inevitable downfall happens and he commits suicide, making him more sympathetic in the eyes of the reader. However the the use of first person alternatively could represent that jekyll doesnt actually care about utterson; and is just trying to get him to keep quiet so he can continue to live a life where he is no longer opressed by the expectations and views of society and his peers.
In chapter 4 during the murder of sir danvas carew, stevenson again tries to warn his reader about the dangers of repression as hyde goes on to kill someone as he can no longer contain his urges and desires causing them to come out in the worst way possible. This causes jekyll to suffer as he clashes between his good side and evil side , trying to survive and continue being a resoectable gentleman in victorian society, showing his struggle, making him a sympathetic character.
At the start of the chapter a maid watches as Hyde becomes enraged and attacks sir danvas carew with "ape like fury". The use of the simile helps the reader to picture hydes emotions and anger. This demonstrates jekyll again as sympathetic as he has no control over hyde does and never wished to kill anyone, showing that he is at the mercy of his own desires in a society that does not allow him to fully express himself causing him to be trapped. On the other hand, the violent words and imagery give us an insight into jekylls mind as hyde is an embodiment of jekylls desires, so this could make the reader feel hatred towards jekyll as he already had had these desires to begin with and was only refraining due to consequences that would be bestowed upon him by victrorian society.
The attack is described vividly and sir danvas's bones"were audibly shattered". The violent imagery gives off a sense as that hyde is putting in large amounts of force into his blows. This demonstrates hydes violent nature making jekyll seem like an evil and spiteful character as hyde is meant to represnt jekylls inner desires showing that jekyll himself enjoyed what was happening to carew; However jekyll could have actually been totally against hydes actions as later on after the murder jekyll seems frantic and tells utterson "oh God utterson , what a lesson I have had". Reeflecting his remorse over the event and showing that hyde himself is morally righteous, helping him to gain the readers favour.

At the end of the play, jekyll can no longer control hyde (showing how he has changed from the beginning of the novella) and keeps himself encaged in his room not allowing any vistors due involuntarily changing into hyde , before hand he had written a letter to utterson telling him to let jekyll "go his own dark way". The use of the adjective 'dark'connotes a sense of evil and could represent how jekyll has become so evil and intoxicated by his desires that he no longer wishes to follow victorain society and that the fact that he is keeping himself trapped in his room , symbolises that he is turning his back on society by closing the door on it , making the reader feel less sympathetic towards jekyll as he is actively turning his back on his friends and his peers. Alternatively stevenson could've structured the end of the novel like this to foreshadow jekylls downfall in the letter to show how jekyll has lost all sense of hope and feels that due to his factors he could not control he has lost everything and everyone , causing him to write the letter, ending it with "the unhappy life of henry jekyll" with the novella ending in his suicide"
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2021.12.08 15:41 karmaology Death Doula or Grief Counseling Work?

My best friend was murdered early 2019. Since then, naturally, a lot of my work (writing) has been centered around grief and mourning. Subsequently, a lot of people around me come to me with questions about grief and loss, or straight up tell me that I've transformed their understanding of these experiences.
All that to say, I've been feeling a pull to Death Work. I think it'd be a wonderful way to honor my friend, provide company to my community, and utilize the skills others have named within me!
I've only been researching for the last day or two, so I have some questions. What's the difference between being a Death Doula and being a Grief Counselor? Which one should I focus on if I'm interested in assisting those who are mourning? Are certifications any good? What can I do once I receive a certification, if so?
Thank you all for your time and compassion.
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2021.12.08 15:41 Acceptable_Arm_3355 Super comfortable and well done.

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2021.12.08 15:41 drgear2008 This actually happened to me

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2021.12.08 15:41 ShortAlgo $ALTM Looks oversold Register for 7-Day Trial Access at

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2021.12.08 15:41 Cold-Development-666 Lapras raid on me adding now

4581 8966 7269
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2021.12.08 15:41 oneloudbanana Neck hurts

Don't know if it's just college with finals coming up or just how I am. But god my neck hurts all the time. I really want a massage, i just can't get enough leverage on my neck to effectively massage it. I don't know, it's just so tight. I have great posture, I sleep straight on my back. I just sometimes stretch my neck by looking up for a little and I get a little relief. I really want a massage man.
Does anyone know any good neck stretches?
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2021.12.08 15:41 lewuiiis [Offer] 10€ from Verse (5€ from them + 5€ from me) - [Europe]

Verse is payment app pretty similar to CashApp or Venmo, where you can instantly send money to your friends and family or split a bill with them.
There's a referral promo at the moment, where can get free 5€ after you top-up your account with 1€ and send it to your family and friends.
• Register and Verify KYC • Add 1 euro and pay it to someone you would like • The bonus is credited immediately
The money can be withdrawn immediately or used to purchase something with their virtual card.
Use this link
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2021.12.08 15:41 lakerskill Kernel Level Anti Cheat to begin "Rolling out in Asia"

Bravo Activision! You all said that it would come with the integration, now it's going to roll out starting in Asia, but no timetable on when it will be done or any other information.
It's over. The AC isn't going to happen, Activision knew from day 1 that they couldn't create a working AC, and they only said they were doing so to get people to keep playing/buy Vanguard. Genius strategy I must say. Dirty AF, but genius.
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2021.12.08 15:41 solblood 12月9日にデビュー23周年の宇多田ヒカルがニューアルバム詳細発表、「君に夢中」MV公開(動画あり)

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