All of a sudden my depression and desire to pay off my loans are gone. Thanks McNutt

2021.12.08 17:08 CrazyPineapple23 All of a sudden my depression and desire to pay off my loans are gone. Thanks McNutt

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2021.12.08 17:08 vixiecat Some Atiny have theorized that Turbulance is based on the novel Night Flight by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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2021.12.08 17:08 pilea_umbrella Is this scale on my Ming aralia? It doesn't come off w rubbing alcohol, could it just be the bark? Overall health is good, no concerning behavior

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2021.12.08 17:08 Grouchy-Ad1304 I did it i actually love this game

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2021.12.08 17:08 FredeFup2006 Should i buy the game?

So i saw it was on sale but i don't know if i would like it... I played dead cells and kinda didn't like it but i really enjoyed hollow knight it might be my favorite game... So do you think this game would be something for me?
Thanks in advance
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2021.12.08 17:08 rancidpandemic Proficiency Plus Level: ... An Unnecessary Evaluation?

(Brace yourselves. This became a LONG post.)

Hello all,
You may or may not remember my previous posts on Proficiency Without Level. I apologize for not getting back to that series. My gaming group moved to using Foundry, which tied up my license. (I know, I could have swapped active worlds, but decided against it.)
Well, I ended up purchasing another license and am finally able to get back to some tests. Before I continue on with PwL testing, I want to take a step back and review a recent encounter I ran through with the normal rules, hereby referred to as P+L, or Proficiency Plus Level.
This fight was interesting to me because it was very rough for everyone, but unexpected classes and builds did better that I had thought they would. Before we get to that, I suppose we need to introduce the makeup of today's encounter.
The Combatants Party - Level 11
Aasimar Champion with Medic and Bastion Dedication wielding a Frost Shocking Gnome Flickmace*
Half-Orc Fighter wielding a Fearsome Grievous Greatpick*
Elf Flurry Ranger with Archer and Druid Dedications, wielding a Frost Shock Composite Longbow*
Gnome Imperial Sorcerer with Bard and Captivator Dedications, wielding Arcane Magic
*Note: All weapons are +2 Striking
Opponent -Level 14
Adult Red Dragon (Spellcaster) - Is a dragon. The red kind. And a spellcaster.

I would like you to pause here for a moment and write down predictions for whom the MVP of the fight truly was.

Got your predictions? Good, proceed.
As I stated, this fight is using normal rules, which I trust everyone is familiar with. No variant rules besides Free Archetype, because Free Archetype. Also, all characters were built to assume they were regular adventurers with normal loot for a level 11 party. Basically, take the Treasure for New Characters table and add a level 11 item.
So, this level 14 Adult Red Dragon was a Severe encounter for our level 11 party.
... And boy was it Severe!

Looking at the math of the iconic red dragon, it's very clear this thing was going to be a threat. With an AC of 37, our Champion and Ranger need a 15 to hit on their first attacks (+22 Attack Bonus), Fighter needs a 13 (+24) and Sorcerer needs a whopping 17 (+20). It was clear before I even began this fight that the party would struggle.
The party entered the fight with their normal set of abilities, spells, etc. They were fully rested up at 100% HP and resources.
The Encounter First round, most of the party failed against the Will save for Frightful Presence, making them Frightened and worsening their chances. Champion got up right outside of the dragon's range and raised its shield. Dragon flew up to the Champion, looking to use its Breath Weapon, but only the Champion would have been caught in its range. So instead, it casted Cloak of Colors. Fighter used Sudden Charge, provoking an AoO from the Dragon and taking just shy of 50 damage on a normal hit, then whiffed on its attack and attempted a Demoralize. Luckily, it succeeded, making the Dragon Frightened. Sorcerer casted Phantasmal Killer and Dragon crit succeeded. Ranger followed up in last, using Hunt Prey, Gravity Weapon, and Hunted Shot, missing with both attacks.
After that first round, it only got worse. The Champion and Fighter couldn't hit the Dragon to save their lives. With a maximum 30% hit chance, possibly suffering the Blinded condition on a successful Strike, it became clear that they were not going to be the heroes of this tale.
The Ranger and Sorcerer, though... well, they did better than the others. While the Champion and Fighter may have gotten off one or two hits the entire fight, the Ranger connected several, including a Crit that did just shy of 70 damage before the Dragon's Cold 15 Weakness was factored in. Having a Cold rune on the Flurry Ranger was a major boon, so much so that the character drew the attention of the Dragon.
The Sorcerer also did well. Between the Bon Mot into Fear effects to apply the Frightened condition and using Magic Missile heightened to 5th level for 9d4+14 (+4 from Dangerous Sorcery), this character was truly essential in this fight.

Later in the encounter, after provoking the attention of the dragon due to getting a couple consecutive hits in a round, the Ranger was dropped from full to single digits by two consecutive crits from the Dragon. They were able to get away, but the dragon pursued them relentlessly, seeing the Ranger as its biggest threat. The next round, the Ranger ends up going down from another Crit. The entire time, the Dragon itself is looking very rough.
After the Ranger drops, the Fighter reaches them and rolls Battle Medicine, bringing them back up. Sorcerer strides just within range of the Dragon and casts Cone of Cold, positioning it so that only the dragon gets hit, but the Dragon Crit succeeds. Champion shielded Strides into range and succeeds on a Trip attempt, which was surprising (looking back, it probably wasn't possible as the Raise Shield action would have occupied the character's free hand. but, oh well. *shrugs*)
Dragon stands up and uses its Breath Weapon for the first time, catching the whole party in its area. The Fighter crit fails, which would have dropped them, but they use Orc Ferocity to stay at 1 HP. The Sorcerer Fails the save, causing them to take damage for the first time in the encounter, and bringing them to about half HP. Champion Succeeds on their save, but the damage of the breath still brings them pretty low. They also use their Retributive Strike to reduce the damage taken by the Ranger, who had failed their save. Thanks to the reduced damage, the Ranger stays alive in the single digits for the second time during the encounter.
At this point, the fight is really hairy. Almost all combatants are under 30 HP, except for the Sorcerer who was in the 50s. Then we get to the Dragon's turn. It drops the Ranger for the second time with another Crit, taking them to Dying 3. Fighter gets taken out by a normal Hit, taking them to dying 1, and the Champion barely avoids the third and final attack for the round.
And then we get to the Sorcerer's turn. Standing brave just within the Dragon's range, the Sorcerer casts another 3 action Magic Missile. I instinctively roll damage, getting high enough to finish off the Dragon, but then remember AoO. I roll the Dragon's Attack. It's a hit. I roll damage. Not enough to down the Sorcerer. So the Sorcerer takes damage, but is able to get off their spell.
The Sorcerer defeats the Adult Red Dragon menace with Magic Missile.

But, that's not quite the end. The Dragon is down, but we also have two party members that are unconscious and dying, one of which is at Dying 3. Luckily, the Champion goes before their delayed initiative and is able to get them back up, using Lay on Hands on the Ranger and Doctor's Visitation to Stride up + Battle Medicine the Fighter. The end.

Okay, so that ended up being way more of a narrative walkthrough of the fight than I originally intended. But I hope it accurately portrays the severity of the encounter. It was pretty damn brutal, and that's with me going easy on the party at times. Had I simply used the Dragon's flying to stay at range, or used its spells more, like level 4 Invisibility, there would have been no contest. The Dragon would have wiped the floor with the party.
But, this party has also lacked something that my PwL tests have always had: A dedicated or at least capable healer, using the Heal spell. All things considered, I think it was a terrifying yet good fight when considering that it should be a boss fight.
Post-Encounter Analysis Dragon

Which brings me to the reason why the Sorcerer was MVP. Despite the Dragon saving or crit saving against 3 level 6 spells, those level 5 Magic Missiles came in handy. In total, I think the sorcerer did about 150 damage to the Dragon through Magic Missile, Phantasmal Killer and a Cone of Cold against which the Dragon merely succeeded.
The guaranteed damage of Magic Missile was clutch and won the fight in the end. There are very few sources of guaranteed damage in the game. It turns out when your opponent is almost un-hittable, those sources become way more appealing.
Early on, it became clear that the action to use Inspire Courage through Bard dedication simply wasn't worth it due to range and other factors.

Final Conclusions To put it simply, this level +3 scenario is a good representation of why I have issues with P+L rules. While, I admit, the fight was fun to run as a GM, it was way too stressful from a player's perspective. Having a base 30% success chance for every single thing you do just feels terrible to me. All I get out of these fights is the sense of terror and dread of having nearly everything I do fail miserably and it's not a great gaming experience for me. I think that's why I love the PwL rules more than P+L.
Proficiency Without Level has its faults, but I prefer the gradual curve of creature power levels over the steep, sudden jump in power across such few levels.
Now, the base P+L rules can be amazing, allowing for a very terrifying boss fight like this one. But they must be used sparingly. I urge GMs to reserve Level +3 encounters for boss fights only and keep everything else at maximum level +2.

That being said, I plan on running this same encounter with a different party, including a dedicated healer and see how it goes. Maybe I need to sacrifice the Champion and go with my usual Animal Barbarian frontline "tank"? Who knows?
Regardless, I will most likely return to doing my Proficiency Without Level analysis here in the coming future. If you enjoyed those posts, stay tuned for more of them. I may also tune the Adult Red Dragon up to 16-17 and run it as PwL for the sake of comparison. (Actually, that's exactly what I'm going to do next!)
I am also going to be running through some math on the possible worst levels to run level +3 encounters. I will be making a separate post for that. If you know of such a post that already exists, please share that with me!

Lastly, I apologize for such a long post. This really got out of hand.
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2021.12.08 17:08 Complex_Life_5601 NEW SMP

New server don't have a name yet. [semi-vanilla] Advertising hey my friend soy is making a new vanilla smp we love for people to join to give the server more personality and to meet new people. if you want to join its not up yet ill try to get to comments from people who want to join. Rules for mc/discord server. No racism, No homophobia/transphobia, Don't ping admins too much, Don't spam, No nsfw, Don't mass ping unless in announcements, Don't admin abuse, Don't advertise Don't clog admin requests/ban appeals.
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Hi hi! I’m currently trading a Royale High based Roblox account for Robux (email verified but I can change that)! Prices can be discussed in the comments (not DMS unless we agree on the trade) Proof for my account can be found on my recent posts, if you are unsure about the proof I can always send some more. We will be using a MM if you wish to not use one the trade will be off! Let me know if you’re interested or would like to know more info about it. <3
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2021.12.08 17:08 assagitaz Zace - Float (Radio Edit) [Ground Zero Limited]

Publisher: Ground Zero Limited
Out Date: 2021-11-15
Quality: MP3 8.67 Mb / AIFF 38.13 Mb
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Zace - Float (Radio Edit) / (Key Fm, BPM 120, Length 3:36)​
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2021.12.08 17:08 ultr4num8 Still no appetite after removing a sperm plug

So it's been over 2 weeks since my boy last ate. When he first stopped eating I thought he might have been impacted or constipated because he started grunting and licking himself. I discovered he had a sperm plug last week, and was able to remove it successfully last Friday. I've mostly left him alone since then to rest and recover, but I've checked each day to see if he's gotten his appetite back, and so far no luck. He's been more active since the removal, but he has lost a bit of weight. His tail still has a good amount of fat to it, but I am concerned he hasn't eaten. He has shown interest, smelling and licking the mealworms, but not eating them. Thought maybe I'd change it up and get him some crickets to see if that helps any.
Is it normal for their appetite to not come back after several days following something like a plug? This is the first time I've had any kind of health issue since I got him, so I don't know.
Since it has started getting cold here, I've also thought it possible he's started brumating like he did last year, where he'd only eat a few mealworms every other week or so.
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2021.12.08 17:08 gardengnomepoppy Gas fireplace service

I have an older gas fireplace that could use a cleaning and inspection. Wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a trustworthy company that could provide this service. Thanks!
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