The Dark Pictures Anthology House of Ashes - 2022 Let's Play Part II

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2022.01.26 07:36 I_Forget_Myself The Dark Pictures Anthology House of Ashes - 2022 Let's Play Part II

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2022.01.26 07:36 jobsinanywhere Understanding Crypto Market Sentiment

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2022.01.26 07:36 linuxtechschool 10 basic Linux networking commands you should know about

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2022.01.26 07:36 mr_uoft Edit a recommendation letter

Hello, I would really appreciate if someone can help me edit a reference letter. I asked my coworker to write me a recommendation letter and she said to write one and send it to her. I think it needs editing. English is not my first language.
Thank you
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2022.01.26 07:36 Aleski3 I really love my landlord, and according to him, "some painting on the hangers is always worth it"

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2022.01.26 07:36 ImReellySmart This screen protector I bought has very poor English which gave me a chuckle. My favourite part is on line 4 where it lists itself as "explosion proof".

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2022.01.26 07:36 Tiluf A bundle of simple tasks is coming in the faucet with Free $TLF giveaways!

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2022.01.26 07:36 fantasticcreations Smiling (iktr)

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2022.01.26 07:36 Specific-Awareness42 Watch "Mint Royale - Singin' In The Rain (Official Video)"

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2022.01.26 07:36 whitneymendoza Four PTI men want to substitute for PM Imran: Ahsan Iqbal

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2022.01.26 07:36 TrainingLanguage2501 What do I do here?

I (17M) met a girl (let's call her Shelby) about a year ago over the internet. While on the phone with her she introduced me to a few of her friends (she lives about an hour away from me). One we'll call Linsley and one can be Becca. (all 17F)
The 4 of us turned out to be a really good friend group and we would spend lots of time together Shelby and I eventually became a little bit more than friends. However her and I had a bit of a rough patch so I was eventually kicked out of the friend group (which was understandable)
A few weeks later Becca added me on snapchat, I curiously added her back only to find out that she too had been kicked out of that friend group. (for an entirely unrelated reason). She told me that she never saw a problem with how I handled things and wanted to be friends with me, I agreed and for the next 7 months or so we got to be really really close as friends. We would spend lots of time talking over the phone at night about stuff like God and Drama and relationships which gets me into my next point.
She has been on and off with her current boyfriend, (lets call him Jared) (17M) for the last 3 years but the two of them had finally committed to being in a relationship and seemed to be going strong for the last little while. Personally I had a girlfriend during a short period of this time, (we made it to thanksgiving but not to Christmas if you know what I mean.)
fast-forward to 2 days ago. Linsley and I are on the phone and she is just talking about this beautiful resort that she has always wanted to go to and I realized it's something I always wanted to go on too!
I didn't think much of this until her and I got into some deep conversation and she brought up the fact that her and Jared had almost broken up a few days ago but decided not to (she didn't exactly specify why)
She told me that Jared asked her "what would happen if we broke up?" and that she had immediately thought of me for a split second.
Thing is, I've been in love with Linsley for quite some time now and I realized that if I don't at least put myself out there then I will never get her. So as much as I valued hers and I's friendship, the following night she told me to "tell her something I've never told her before" which I immediately followed up with "I'm in love with you"
I was expecting some harsh retaliation but she had a very soft response. First she tried to make sure I was being genuine by asking some questions but soon realized that I was being as genuine as ever.
She then explained to me that she could probably see a future with me more likely than her current bf. But then said that she was in love with him and wouldn't just break up with him unless it was independent of me being in the picture. Because she really does not want to make the wrong decision.
She did say however that she would be open to the idea of dating me if her and Jared ever broke up.
What do I do here? I never expected to be in a situation like this in my life and its very odd to me. How long do I wait her out? Do I give her an ultimatum? Should I pursue other relationships? Ive loved other people before but I've never in my life been in love with someone the way I am with her.
TL:DR I told my best friend whos in a committed relationship that I'm in love with them and She said she sees more of a future with me than with her boyfriend but wont just break up with him because She is in love with him and doesn't want to make the wrong decision.
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2022.01.26 07:36 Green-Indication9396 baddie

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2022.01.26 07:36 apple_vs_orange Would you buy vitamin supplements from Pingduoduo?

Vitamin supplements on Pingduoduo are literally so cheap. A pack of 60 vitamin D supplements is a whopping 120 RMB in the pharmacy, but only 30 or 40 RMB on Pingduoduo (same price as in Europe).
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2022.01.26 07:36 WallStLT So at what point can we hold the U.S. accountable?!?!? Link in comments

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2022.01.26 07:36 roqyi938 حضارة وفخامة

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2022.01.26 07:36 The-Kabra i made this oc a long time ago, thinking of redrawing her :)

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2022.01.26 07:36 eggnogs4444 2meirl4meirl

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2022.01.26 07:36 NeedleworkerLive8503 Toy stuck in hoover pipe

How to get a toy out of my Henry hoover pipe. The you is wedged perfectly into the pipe and I am unable to push it out from either direction. The toy can be eviscerated for all I care (I've tried drilling it to pieces). Any ideas?
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2022.01.26 07:36 Ironheart0707 Are there any rumors or news on the relaunch of cursed City?

I have not found anything official exept that there will be new boxes available. I am curious when the game will eventually return.
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2022.01.26 07:36 Kris_2546 Тази зла крава.

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2022.01.26 07:36 OrwelFarmAnimal Facebook pulled down Convoy to Ottawa group. (500k members)

We are over the target. They are blocking out traffic cams, not allowing people to invite others to (convoy to Ottawa 2022 restart) and they are calling them terrorist, far right, Amit vaxxers.
They are scared.
holdtheline “The revolution will not be on tv”
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2022.01.26 07:36 throwaway9287889 The Entity Under The Couch

The Entity Under The Couch - This started as a dream, a dream that had lasted me what felt like hours, turned from a one-day affair, into two. This dream, or more accurately described as a nightmare, infested my mind like a writhing mass of “what-if’s” and unnerving apprehensions. This takes place within a seemingly Mexican style home- there were arched doorless entrances between the living room and kitchen, which had sort of colored tiled squares outlining the archway; within the living room laid two couches, one against the back wall, and another looking at the vintage glass coffee table which sat in the middle of the two couches. The entire perspective of this scenery seemed off, as if it was old and we were simply stepping through it. - (edited)
I was a babysitter within this nightmare, looking after three kids; two girls, one probably 6 years old, another as young as 2, the third is a middle child, a boy, maybe 4. I was for whatever reason, watching over them in the living room, recording them with one of those old VHS tape shoulder held recorders, seeing everything through a somewhat distorted VHS effect. The kids were simply playing, giggling, showing me their toys and what not- as the oldest runs into the kitchen. She runs out behind the couch that faces the table, giggling, as her face begins to contort into that of a fully grown man’s; black messy hair, a full beard, bushy eyebrows, with a inhuman grin, wrinkles all over yet the face looked no older than early 30’s. The vision got darker as this happened, and had reversed her exiting the kitchen and running behind the couch in a slower speed. - The “tape”, we’ll call it, cuts just as the replay ends, now with the oldest girl standing where the wall couch’s left armrest meets the wall, and the youngest standing beside her; the oldest girl’s face begins to alter once more into that of a old yet young man, giggling at me still with her hands to her mouth- the difference here is the coffee table is pushed away from the wall couch, and I am slowly getting down on my hands and knees, peering beneath the black void that is beneath the couch. I can physically feel my heart begin to rise in beats, and my chest getting tighter, as what I instinctually felt causing my sudden fear unveil from the shadows below. (edited)
Two emaciated black “hands”, with three long clawed white fingers and a similar thumb which looked to be encased in porcelain ceramic, emerged. Then comes the face… This is a white mask that has the same look in material as the fingers that lay stretched beneath it, with three holes- two medium circles for eyes, and a medium sized circle for a mouth. Behind these holes was complete darkness, no matter, no atom, just nothing. As I began to crawl closer, the figure ever so slightly retreats back into the shadow, that, as I draw nearer, seems to be pushed back a bit as well. I feel this force push against me, with my chest tightening and heart rate rising, each inch I gain, the creature looks more and more threatened and backed into a corner. - In time, I reach its’ boundary or limit of safety, as a final inch is gained landing me just outside beneath the couch, only foot and a half or more away from this, thing. I reach for it… Extending my arm out slowly as a pushing sensation keeps hitting me, and as I do so, the entity’s mouth goes from a circle, to an oval… As a scream is let out. Imagine, a mixture of a man being maimed, beaten, tortured in the most heinous manner, screaming for his life, and now do the same to a dog, yelping and howling out for any form of relief; combine them, and you have the scream I heard… And felt. The more I reached in, the more it gained an aggressive but scared posture, with the louder the screaming got the mouth stretched further and further down, contorting the face. And as I’m just about to reach it, I wake up in a cold sweat, breathing heavy, and scared. -📷1
This same dream, step by step, frame by frame, played out within my mind the very next night, except, those unnerving scenes, were stretched out, made longer… What, and why was this?
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2022.01.26 07:36 LewisRedPost Really enjoyed Chuck

At first we didn't think we would like it. After watching 24 and Alias we were looking for more of the same. Chuck didn't seem to hold up the bargain as it seemed they were going for the stupidly funny stuff....However after a few episodes we discovered that it was entertaining and the humor became welcome! Nearing the end of season 4 now!
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2022.01.26 07:36 SrirachaGamer87 [Question] Do "birthday circles" exist in your country?

In the Netherlands we have this concept of a "birthday circle" (verjaardagscirkel), although also applicable to most gatherings of family and friends, in which all seats in a room are positioned in a circle facing inward and people sit and chat with those directly around them, while also being able to respond to those at the opposite end of the circle. There seems to be this idea in NL that this is a very Dutch concept, but I honestly couldn't imagine how else you would fit a lot of people in a room, while still allowing conversation between any two members. I should point out that most Dutch people don't actively think about creating a birthday circle, it just kinda naturally happens when there are to many people to sit on the couch and you need to bring in some extra chairs. So people of the world, do you also like to sit in circles or is this indeed a very Dutch thing?
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2022.01.26 07:36 aerialdangler Small bump on cheek, not acne

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