Wahoo Kickr oder Waterrower?

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2022.01.26 07:40 cyborg_royale Wahoo Kickr oder Waterrower?

Seit ca. zwei Jahren fahre ich (M/40) ein bisschen Gravelbike um mich etwas fit zu halten (ca. 4000km/Jahr). Die Winter sind ein großes Problem, vor allem wenn es draußen nass und dunkel ist habe ich ziemliche Probleme mich zu motivieren. Da ich im Herzen bequem bin möchte ich mir eine Möglichkeit schaffen, zuhause trainieren zu können. Auch mal spontan, mal ne Stunde oder so. Ich habe Schwierigkeiten, mich zu entscheiden.
Eigentlich liegt Option 1 ziemlich auf der Hand: Ich besorge mir einen Wahoo Kickr (Core?) und flüchte mich in die bunte Welt von Zwift. Ich stehe eh auf den Strava/Wahoo Krempel (nutze einen Elemnt Bolt) und mag die Gamification daran. Außerdem hätte ich einen Grund, mir ein Rennrad zu kaufen. Und ich kann das Ding im Sommer wegstellen. Aber: Es wäre eigentlich nur »das Selbe in grün«. Vielleicht sollte ich einen Ausgleich schaffen?
Da kommt Option 2 ins Spiel: Ich erwerbe einen Waterrower (da das Concept2 elendiglich laut ist). Ich war sogar mal im Ruderverein und mochte auch das Rudern, allerdings habe ich keinen Anschluss gefunden: Menschlich und zeitlich passte es einfach nicht. Bei einem Rudergerät gibt's halt weniger Gamification, aber vermutlich dann Podcasts oder sowas. Ich verspreche mir davon, mich anders als beim reinen Radfahren zu belasten. Als Hautpnachteil sehe ich das fehlende digitale Brimborium wie man es beim Biketrainer hätte.
Ich mache Sport, weil ich einfach nur aktiv sein und mich in meinem Körper halbwegs wohl fühlen möchte. Mal meinen Puls hoch bekommen, ein Gegenprogramm zum Schreibtischjob, belastbarer sein. Also keine »hohen« Ziele. Umso wichtiger, dass Spaß bei der Sache ist.
Wie würdet ihr entscheiden? Gibt es da Aspekte, die ich nicht bedacht habe?
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2022.01.26 07:40 applejuice7x opinions??? (2 weeks post op)im a really a detailed person and i can’t help but keep looking at my nose and not feeling satisfied with my results,i don’t know if it’s my body dysmorphia or if my results genuinely just aren’t that great (i know these pics are horrible but pls let me know ur thoughts)

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2022.01.26 07:40 Gamergirl944 [Update] 1/27 (Thu) Update Notice

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2022.01.26 07:40 Creasybear87 Euroape feeding another 12 to the bot whilst the originals from last year are stuck in etoro. Nom nom went the bot....nom nom. Payday Friday so time to add more - keep the price where it is get some January Sales. LFG!

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2022.01.26 07:40 Concentrate_Full Ive seen some weird systems today on a local marketplace and would love to hear more abt them if any of yall has heard them!

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2022.01.26 07:40 itbettersnow Why was May 14th last year the day that people worldwide walked the most according to Fitbit?

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2022.01.26 07:40 jeongseoyeon I think that i was assaulted by my dad when i was younger .

First of all, i want to apologize if my text is hard to read as if english isnt my first language and i am not so good at explaining things.
I am 15F. My dad and my mom divorced when i was like 1 years old. My mom got main custody of me and i would only see my dad 2-3 times a month during the weekends. I still see him but only once a month.
I was around 5-9? I remember my dad being my favourite parent and i would always cry when i went back to my moms. My dad would sometimes make me sit on him and he would talk about his private parts in a jokingly way, like "its like a family! 3 parts on it. Mom, dad and child". It would make me laugh because i had no idea how weird it was. We would also "wrestle" and that would always be with him giggling me and grabbing my legs.
Sometimes my dad would put music on youtube with very explicit video clips, like M.I.L.F from Fergie and stuff like that and i think(?) he would touch himself? He asked me to rate the videoclip on how s3xual it was on scale 1-10. He would also ask me to rate the girls in the beach and most of them were minors. I also remember him saying that 16 year old girls are super hot and provoking and that when I'm older and have friends i would tell him to stop staring at them.
Now on top of everything my dad and I would showed together and he would make me wash and scrub him. I loved shower time with dad because it was always playful. One time at kindergarten it was fathers day and the teacher asked us to say some of our favourite parts about our dads. I said that he is very sweet, he buys me everything i want and that he lets me wash him. Of course the last phrase left the teacher in shock. I dont remember much but my mother was called and she asked me questions about that and i said that i just washed him and i got mad at her because she wanted me to stop and as i said before i loved shower time. I think CPS was also called but I'm not sure. Next time i went to my dads he told me i was not allowed to wash him anymore because mom says so.
Alot more things must've happened that i dont remember. I , now, everytime i visit my dads i only speak with my grandma (he lives with his mom) and i completely ignore him, maybe watch a movie sometimes. I feel super uncomfortable around him. But my dad doesnt do anything anymore he doesnt even speak to me as much and when he does he is super sweet .
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2022.01.26 07:40 riseofmaquinas Centralstation friendly thank you

Thank you to the nice girl who helped me get ice inside the café last summer. I was stung by a bee while waiting for my train and the bite start swelling! It was my first time visiting Sweden traveling from Copenhagen and I won’t forget the people of Lund.
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2022.01.26 07:40 Rishav_322 First mechanical keyboard, going down the rabbit hole I guess.

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2022.01.26 07:40 drstrangelove444 North Korea launched cyberattack against Russia - media

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2022.01.26 07:40 neosonnet At my wit's end... advice/support, please

Hello all & thank you in advance for reading!
So here's the scoop: I'm in NYC & landlord is a cheapskate; pretty sure BBs are a building problem. He has a MD office on the lower level, people in & out all the time, but blames the infestation on us. He's hung up on the "guarantee" of the shitty, non-specialist exterminator company he works with because he doesn't want to spend more money than the $1500 he put down in October when this began, & he won't pay same company to treat the entire building. We've begged for heat treatment in addition (since the chems weren't working) & begged for him to treat the rest of the building chemically, but to no avail. Anyway, none of this matters because as punishment for the bugs, he's decided to raise the rent & ask for a new deposit (we'd been month-to-month for a few years). So, we're all having to move out March 1.
We just got done with the last round of super destabilizing chemical treatments. It's always hard to find a place to bring my cat for the day (had to enlist my ex last time, with whom I'm not on great terms), destabilizing TBH to live out of bags for weeks at a time for 4 months, & terrible on my body to deal w/ the chemicals after treatment (dizziness, headaches for days; I have an autoimmune disease & am sensitive to the chem they use). And it's not effective. We were sure this round of treatments would be the last, but again I'm being bitten; I'm pretty allergic/sensitive so my entire body is just... swollen.
I'm pretty sure when we move out, my friend and I are going to go halves on a "gas chamber" to treat our belongings, so we don't bring the bugs to our next residence. I'm wondering first of all - how foolproof is this? They give a 100% guarantee, but I'm wary. My other question is: how do I deal with this in the meantime? Getting bitten for the next 5 weeks is really rough, mentally; I'm losing sleep. I have Cimexa and Ecoraider, which I'm going to spray today... but short of that? I have one uncooperative roommate & am leaving town for a week, so I doubt another chemical treatment will be an option as I've been the main coordinating force behind these treatments.
TL;DR: Ugh, I am open to hearing anything & everything. I know I'm out of here in 5 weeks, but I'm so scared of bringing these to my next home. I'm also just wary of dealing with these mfers for the next 5 weeks since chem treatment has been ineffective. I'm kind of scared to do the whole rubbing alcohol thing because I don't want to unsettle the chems the exterminator sprayed, but they don't seem to be working regardless.
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2022.01.26 07:40 SeriousSharkNFTs Hello Friend , I created a low price NFT named Serious Shark (actually 0.007 ETH) i'm giving away 5 Sharks. To participate just upvote and join discord

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2022.01.26 07:40 Issalegrand Severe screen flickering

I encountered this issue a few days ago out of the blue. No software update, no drop. It just started flickering green mildly with lines. Then the next day it got really worse. Now it's unusable. Read a few posts online but none were as bad as mine. Anyone had this problem here? Is there a quick fix or do I have to replace it entirely?
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2022.01.26 07:40 ludo505_ How do you perceive The Smile?

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2022.01.26 07:40 socookre Anonymous posts 'Taiwan Numbah Wan!' on UN agency website

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2022.01.26 07:40 _JustinYang_ I broke my PB on CubeDesk!!! (Full-step 8.87, XCross, Reconstruction included)

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